An update–Backyard and Garage Door

I meant to post pictures of the backyard a long time ago! Here is the finished product after Brian stained the tiki bar and hung our hammock!

Our next project is getting hurricane impact windows and doors. The garage door came first and Brian has been working hard re-building the trim around the door and pouring concrete to level the floor of the garage. Thanks to Aaron and Ron for helping!

Here is the BEFORE:                                       and the AFTER:

Our contractor starts putting in the impact windows today and then we plan on having our stucco repaired (it is cracked and buckling in some spots), re-painting the exterior, and adding some decorative shutters and flower boxes to the windows. Summer project: curb appeal!!


The tiki bar!

Brian has been working hard transforming the old gazebo into a new tiki bar! BTW–we are trying to decide on a name for the tiki bar, here are some contenders:

  1. Salty Dawg’s Tiki Bar (for UGA fans)
  2. Hollywood Sands Beach Resort (play on Saved by the Bell)
  3. Sandy Parrot/ Purple Parrot
  4. Toasted Turtle Tiki
  5. Green Iguana
  6. Lei Low Tiki Bar

Our brother-in-law Aaron came over to help, thanks Aaron! We are working on finishing the decking and our thatched roof should arrive later this week 🙂 Stay tuned!

Working on the backyard

We decided to turn our attention to the backyard, finally! Given how close our neighbors are on one side, we wanted to add some privacy. So, we got several Areca palms installed, plus a mature coconut palm, plus sod.  The transformation is amazing!

As a refresher, this is what the backyard looked like when we first bought the house:

This is what it looked like after we removed the old carport, added a privacy fence and did some (very) minor landscaping:

And this is after we had the new trees and sod installed:

Up next we will be adding white rocks in the ‘beds’ around the trees and turning the gazebo into a tropical tiki bar! Stay tuned 🙂

More progress in the attic….

We have been working hard in the attic! I finished staining the new wood paneling on the ceiling to match the old wood.

Then, I white-washed everything! It took about a week plus a weekend. While I did that, Brian was finishing trim and molding on the closets and bookshelves.

After Thanksgiving we will finish up the trim work and caulking, clean up and organize, and then we can install our new carpet. We bought carpet squares so we can install them ourselves and they are half the price of regular carpet! I also ordered a new daybed with trundle bed for guests (I hope it will fit up the spiral staircase!!):


Update: Here are some AFTER pics:



Month 6: Working on the attic

Sorry for the delayed post! The hurricane came and went and we have slowly been working on the attic. We need to have it finished in time for my family to come visit in late December (we will need a guest space up there). Brian has been working on the storage closets and he built some built-in bookshelves with additional storage space behind them (hooray!). He also finished hanging the paneling on the ceiling. Here are some pictures of the progress (please ignore the hot mess in the background…we are waiting to organize until after the saw dust is cleaned up and the painting is finished):

Our next steps will be to finish the trim work and caulking over the gaps and such, and to stain the new paneling to try to match the darker wood that was already in place, and then I want to white-wash all of it. Then, we want to get carpet installed.

On Saturday we finished staining the paneling!

Day 126

The main floor is 95% finished!! Yay! We have a tiny bit of painting left and some molding to finish, but other than that we are finished with the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and 2 bedrooms. Here are some pics of the bathroom, painted with glass slipper by Benjamin Moore:

I’ll take better ‘After’ pics with our good camera and post pictures of all the rooms next week 🙂

Brian is spending the mornings working on the 3rd floor space and is making good progress!



Day 118

Brian has mostly been working in the attic and has built the 2nd storage closet and installed insulation in both closets. We also started moving all of our junk into there 🙂 I’ll wait and upload pictures after he hangs the bead-board on the studs…

The main updates this week are from the kitchen and bathroom which we are trying to finish before our dinner party this weekend. Unfortunately, we noticed that our bathroom was leaking again into the downstairs living room so we had to take down the drywall and bead-board AND we cut a 1×2 section out of the downstairs ceiling to figure it out.  It was a pretty minor issue (the tub faucet needed to be tightened)…but putting all of the parts back together took a while. Anyhow, Brian finished the trim/ crown molding (the trim now touches the ceiling above cabinets!) in the kitchen and I painted the window and door frame white, as well as the corner cabinet facing the living room. They look way better!

Brian is mudding the drywall in the bathroom now and we will be painting the walls with Benjamin Moore’s Glass Slipper  later this week. Can’t wait to see it finished!