Day 118

Brian has mostly been working in the attic and has built the 2nd storage closet and installed insulation in both closets. We also started moving all of our junk into there 🙂 I’ll wait and upload pictures after he hangs the bead-board on the studs…

The main updates this week are from the kitchen and bathroom which we are trying to finish before our dinner party this weekend. Unfortunately, we noticed that our bathroom was leaking again into the downstairs living room so we had to take down the drywall and bead-board AND we cut a 1×2 section out of the downstairs ceiling to figure it out.  It was a pretty minor issue (the tub faucet needed to be tightened)…but putting all of the parts back together took a while. Anyhow, Brian finished the trim/ crown molding (the trim now touches the ceiling above cabinets!) in the kitchen and I painted the window and door frame white, as well as the corner cabinet facing the living room. They look way better!

Brian is mudding the drywall in the bathroom now and we will be painting the walls with Benjamin Moore’s Glass Slipper  later this week. Can’t wait to see it finished!


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