Days 85-86

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in a long time. It has been a crazy summer starting with my trip to Ireland for a week for work. Upon my return we closed on the beach house, spent the first 2.5 weeks tearing out the wall between the living room and kitchen, and re-finishing the floors in the bedrooms and living room, and meeting with a ton of contractors and sub-contractors (Brian did this full-time while I helped part-time after my ‘9-5’). Then we packed up our old house and moved in. The next two months were filled with renovations galore, interrupted only by (multiple) visits from friends and family, a wedding in Greenville SC, a Bday celebration in NYC, and a visit to Asheville NC. John has been immensely helpful over the past month and we could not have done this without him, but his time to return home to Atlanta is upon us and him and Brian are making their final joint push to get as much done by Monday as possible. I start teaching tomorrow, and I am hoping they can get that toilet installed tonight 🙂

The back-splash is gorgeous but involves very tedious installation and the guys spent the past few days on that.

We still need to grout the backsplash, which I am dreading (even if I don’t have to do it, I am dreading it for whoever does it). It is messy and takes forever and it is very, very messy.

Anyhow, they have turned their attention back on the bathroom and they almost finished grouting the floor. They hope to finish that soon and start putting back in the fixtures and hanging beadboard, mudding the drywall, etc.


Here they are (begrudgingly) smiling for my obnoxious photography. Happy weekend folks!


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