Days 82-84

We spent Thursday evening taking turns grouting the shower, which was a lot harder than I expected. It is tricky to wash off the grout that gets on the tiles, while trying to keep it in the cracks and while keeping the bucket of grout from getting too dry. It seemed to take forever! But, we love how the gray grout turned out (see pic below). We took the weekend off and Brian and I visited our Aunt in Asheville which was fabulous! We returned on Tuesday evening. In the meantime, John got back to the renovations on Monday and he laid the floor tile in the bathroom! It is gorgeous and can be purchased here. They hope to grout later today and then we can re-install the toilet:)

John also has been prepping the kitchen walls for the backsplash!

(Before)                                                     (After)

Next, we will need to ‘float out’ the edge from the new board to the old wall, and then mud it and paint it white. Then the backsplash can be installed.


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