Days 76-78

Brian and John have continued to work very long days in the bathroom and I have made Home Depot and food runs for them in my breaks from the land of academia. They have hung the drywall, built the wall between the tub and toilet, installed the tub and the settings for the tub/shower fixtures, painted red guard on the flooring and walls around the shower, and they were up until 2AM this morning laying the tile in thin-set  around the shower. They hope to lay the floor tiling today so we can temporarily install the toilet while our friends are in town this weekend.

Our electrician comes back today to continue his work which includes running new wiring and installing receptacles in the attic (which will one day be my office, our gym, and a guest space). He is also running electrical for our hot tub on the back patio, installing our light fixtures in the kitchen, and he will replace the electrical panel in our garage. It will probably take another 1.5 weeks for him to finish his job, which started 3 weeks ago.

John is going to stay in town with us for one extra week so we can try to finish the bathroom and do the backsplash in the kitchen. YAY!



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