Days 72-75

I am still dreaming of toilets, but am handling it a bit better now that I know we are still not super close to having a toilet upstairs. Renovating a 1936 bathroom without the help of professionals (when it involves completely gutting the old walls and floor, adding all new plumbing and electrical, and re-configuring the layout) takes a long time. A LONG FREAKING TIME.

All three of us (me, Brian, and John) underestimated the amount of time it would take for this. We even had the help of our brother-in-law Aaron on Saturday and we have been working (very) full days, and we still have a long ways to go before we have a functioning toilet.


We initially were going to leave up the old plaster where possible to save time. But, as we got into it more, we decided it would be best to tear it all out. So, we have several more bags filled with concrete and metal lath and wood that we need to bring to the dump. We also tore out all the old insulation. We put in new insulation, finished running new electrical for the bathroom, and finished connecting the plumbing. The guys installed the sub-flooring last night. I am so impressed that Brian and John have basically learned to do this stuff by reading/watching online resources and talking to Home Depot folks! It has saved us a boatload of money while teaching us all a lesson in patience-building. It takes a long time to figure out this stuff and work around the issues that come with an 80 year old house.

Also, the progress was stalled a bit yesterday when our kitchen sink backed up from the dishwasher and we had to snake out a clog from the crawl space (so much fun)!


John started prepping the kitchen walls for our backsplash, but the focus has been mostly on the bathroom. The next items on the list are install the tub, build a wall between the tub and toilet, hang drywall in the bathroom, lay the tile on the floor, then grout it, lay the tile on the walls around the shower, then grout it, then install bead-board, the sink and the toilet, and then we have the finishing touches. And we will try to squeeze in time to work on the kitchen backsplash when possible.

Over the weekend I visited 2 different Home Depots (5 visits in total) and a Lowe’s and a tile store. The people at Home Depot know me and laugh (I cry) when they see me there every day. Oh yeah–we found some cool treasures behind the bathroom walls:


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