Day 71…dreaming of toilets…

Last night was the 3rd night in the row without a toilet upstairs. This means that when I need to pee at 2am I get to quietly sneak into the downstairs unit (trying to not wake up John) and use that bathroom. This was especially ‘fun’ on Monday and Tuesday nights when it was thunder-storming like crazy and I had to go outside to get downstairs to the bathroom. The good news is that our plumber came yesterday and hooked up our kitchen sink so now we can wash hands, faces, and brush teeth upstairs, which is a real luxury let me tell you! We won’t be able to use the dishwasher until the electrician finishes his work in the kitchen later this week, and I won’t know what to do with myself then!

The guys have been making progress on the bathroom, tearing out the old sub-flooring and adding new floor joists. Today they plan on finishing the new plumbing work, putting down the new sub-flooring, and building out a wall between the toilet and bathtub. We *may* have a functioning toilet upstairs by Saturday…maybe 🙂



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