Day 69: We have kitchen counter-tops!

First off, I want to thank Stone International for doing a really fantastic job!  I bought quartz counters from them a week ago and they installed them this morning. We originally purchased quartz slabs from Pantai Granite, but as they were moving the slabs they broke them and did not have any left in stock. So, I got a refund and began looking for new counters. I found Stone International online and went to the Hialeah location. Wai Cheng showed me everything and explained the differences between types of stone. They have a great selection of cabinets and counters! I wish I had known about them before I ordered cabinets from Cabinets-to-Go. Stone Intl. makes their own cabinets and quartz, so their prices are better than most because they cut out the ‘middle man’. Anyhow, they had several beautiful quartz slabs for me to choose from and I found one that I love! Anyhow, the service was terrific!! Wai Cheng was so professional and helpful and was able to get them installed within a week of us ordering then. Someone came out the next day to measure everything, and the price for materials, fabrication, and installation was very reasonable. A team of 3 guys came to install the counters and they were amazing. Very efficient and detail oriented. These are the people you want installing your counters! They knew what they were doing! Given the age of our home, our walls and floors (and ceilings for that matter) are not perfectly straight. They had the tools needed to tweak the cuts in the counters to make everything look right. And they cleaned up as they worked!

These are quartz counters and they totally look like marble to me!! Love them!! You can probably tell we have a lot of work to do on the walls before we can install the backsplash. We chose a translucent glass tile backsplash, so the walls must be perfect. We will work on this once the bathroom is (more) finished.

Brian and John have been working their tails off on the bathroom. They removed the toilet and the SUPER heavy tub and took them to the dump. They spent most of the day running a new 4 inch pipe from the 2nd floor bathroom down to under the house where the main lines are. They are still working on that…




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