Day 68: Starting a new week off right!

We made it through last week which was a real doozy! If you missed it, read more here and here. Between the carpenter ant infestation, a broken water line in the kitchen, and 2 broken counter top slabs, we hope we have made it through the worst of the renovation surprises.

On Friday evening we had a junk removal company come by to remove probably 2 tons worth of construction bags full of plaster, tile, and concrete from our bathroom demo. It was piled up on the back patio all week.

Our electrician spent most of the day on Saturday working on our exterior panel box and running conduit on the outside of the house for our new wiring in the kitchen to connect to the panel box. He is hoping to give us power in the kitchen by the end of this week, which would be great because we are supposed to get our new counter-tops installed Tuesday morning!!! The plumber will be hooking up the sink, disposal, gas stove, and dishwasher on Wednesday. YES!!

Yesterday and today, Brian and I fixed a gas leak (just needed to tighten a bolt outside) and spent some time researching plumbing as we are *attempting* to try our bathroom plumbing on our own. The biggest issue is that we want to move the toilet from near the exterior wall (eastern north side) to the interior wall (western south side) and we had to investigate 1) the requirements regarding how far the toilet can be from the vent stack and main waste line, 2) how we will be able to connect the toilet to these from across the room, and 3) how far the toilet needs to be from the walls and the shower.  He and John are beginning to work on the plumbing this afternoon. They just went under the house in the crawl space and discovered that the upstairs shower and tub drain line has been emptying out underneath the house, instead of draining into the main line. Good thing we haven’t been using those!! They are going to try to fix that soon 🙂

Hopefully I will have pictures to share of the kitchen counters installed tomorrow!!


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