Days 63-64


The guys have been working hard on demoing the bathroom and beginning to replace the old plumbing lines with PEX. The water was OFF until 10:30pm last night and again for most of the day today. It feels a bit like camping, only with electricity and a real bed.

We also found out that our slabs of quartz were both broken (supposedly) when they were being moved to be delivered to our fabricator guy. It seems to me that maybe they sold my slabs to someone else because how likely is it that both slabs were so badly damaged that we could not use them? Anyhow, they won’t have more of that kind in stock until August 13-16th. They had another option for me to look at, but I did not love it. So, I got a refund and spent the morning looking at other options. Fortunately I found a place with a quartz option that I love even more than my 1st choice, and the price for materials and labor is $850 less than what we were paying before! WINNING! Unfortunately, they probably won’t be installing them until the 8th or 10th…so a couple more weeks of no kitchen appliances. This is the new countertop:

Our electrician came by in the afternoon and was relocating an electrical receptacle in the kitchen when he did exactly what our plumber did 2 weeks ago. He accidentally cut a water pipe in the wall and water came rushing out all over the kitchen! Brian rushed outside to kill the water and we grabbed towels to dry everything. It took a couple of hours to repair. I can’t believe this happened again!! So all in this week we found carpenter ants living in the bathroom walls, our countertops were broken, and our electrician cut our water pipe. Sheesh!



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