Days 61-62

Brian and John built out the frame for around the sliding glass door, and it looks terrific! We are waiting until the kitchen cabinets and counter-top are installed before painting the trim white (to avoid dings and scrapes).

On Tuesday our cabinet guys came back and installed the cabinets on the East wall and started putting in the hardware on the cabinet doors. We ordered 6″ boat cleats for the cabinet hardware here and I love how they turned out! They are coming back in the next week to finish the trim and install the wine rack and shelves on the east wall.

Meanwhile, Brian and John got started demoing the bathroom. As they were tearing into the wall around the shower they found a LIVE infestation of carpenter ants. And they have eaten a lot of the wood in there! Orkin is coming Wednesday morning to treat the house. In the meantime, we sprayed the area with our own ant-killer spray and the guys continued to demo:

Our counter-top installer comes by Wednesday afternoon to make a template in order to fabricate our Quartz counters, and he will come back to install them next Wed./Thursday. We won’t have a functioning kitchen sink, stove, or dishwasher until then. We have been without these luxuries for almost 2 months.

Our electrician has been running the new kitchen wiring into a junction box and is running a conduit from our attic  to the panels near the garage. He hopes to replace our panels and breakers this weekend. Progress is good 🙂


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