Days 59-60

Our cabinets have been partially installed! They will come back next week to finish the wall near the sliding glass door (currently windows near fridge) and the trim work (crown molding, baseboards, etc.). The cabinet and counter-top installers asked us to wait to install the stove and dishwasher until the counter-top goes in (maybe in 2 weeks?). Can’t wait!!

Lesson learned so far: Our electrician has a 8-4  job during the week, so he has only been working on our electrical in the evenings and on the weekends.  He informed us yesterday that his parents are visiting him this weekend, so he cannot work on our electrical until Monday evening. Our cabinet guy also has a full-time job and can only work on our cabinets and counter-top on his off days. While we are saving some money for this inconvenience, we have come to realize that we should have outlined a timeline/deadline in our contracts with them and held them accountable for being late on those. Apparently if you are not the one living in the renovation, you are not in a hurry. Ugh.

Anyhow, our good friend John got into town last night and he will be helping us install the sliding glass door in the kitchen (currently windows), lay the backsplash in the kitchen, renovate our bathroom, and the bathroom downstairs. We are very excited that he is here 🙂 More updates will come soon!

It took a long time for Brian and John to tear out the old windows and remove the plaster and stucco beneath where the old windows used to be. They were being super careful to not damage the exterior stucco, and they did a great job!

They finished on Sunday evening! Next they will repair the area around the door and put in the trim. It looks amazing!! It really opens up the room and lets in a ton of light. Plus, our doggies love being able to go outside!


While they worked on this project, I painted the interior doors and baseboards with a fresh coat of white paint. I also hung some curtains and worked on our master bedroom. You can check it out here


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