Day 32

I can’t believe we closed on the house a month and 2 days ago! Wow, time flies when you are renovating a house! Brian spent most of the day hanging all of our new blinds (10 windows) and he started knocking down the old shutters on the outside of the windows.

I ordered a spiral staircase for our backyard deck which should arrive in 2 weeks:

Steel Spiral Staircase - 5ā€™ Code Compliant

I also scheduled another plumber to come out and give us a quote for the kitchen tomorrow (#1 was expensive, and #2 never showed up…hopefully #3 will show up and be decently priced). Brian met with a fencing company and they will come out on Thursday to install our 6 foot privacy fence in the backyard! Yay! They think they can finish it in one day! We hope it is done by July 4th šŸ™‚

We are still waiting for our structural engineer to give us the final building plans….he is now 2 weeks past the date he originally told us šŸ˜¦

The most exciting part of our day was when a giant truck with crane ( arrived to lift our refrigerator onto the back deck! It was awesome!


We wrapped it in blankets and the driver put on the straps and away it went!



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