Days 22-23

Unfortunately we discovered that the shower in our upstairs bathroom leaks into the downstairs living room. But, it seemed that the tub did not leak. So, we went and bought a handheld shower head and attached it to the tub faucet and wall.  But then we found that it too leaks into the downstairs unit. So,  we will be showering in the downstairs bathroom until we renovate our bathroom.

We were also told by the City of Hollywood that they cannot approve the permit for roof straps until we give them our entire building plan from our structural engineer (S.E.)…which we are still waiting for and now our S.E. is not responding to our calls. Hopefully we hear from him tomorrow.

In the meantime, Brian has been installing new ceiling fans and window AC units throughout the upstairs and has organized all of our stuff in the garage. I have been cleaning everything as well, and prepping our guest room since I have some girl friends coming to visit this weekend 🙂

Tomorrow we are getting a quote to have our bathroom renovated…and hopefully we will get our building plan soon so we can start applying for permits!


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