Days 17-20

It took us 3 full days, but we finally packed and moved out of the old house and are now completely living in the beach house! Whew, it was a long and exhausting weekend and we are very thankful to have had the help of our fabulous friends Kelly and Jay. They even helped us hoist up our king size bed mattress onto the deck from the ground, which was highly entertaining (it would not fit in our front door and up the stairs)! 90% of our belongings are crammed into our 2 bedrooms, the attic, and the downstairs unit because we need to sand and stain our living room and kitchen floors before moving in our furniture. Our kitchen items will remain boxed until we have a kitchen (hopefully in July). Here is a picture of us celebrating the empty old house:



Sears came out on Friday to deliver our new refrigerator and we realized that it does not fit inside the front door and up our stairs. I guess they used to have smaller appliances and furniture in the 1930s when our house was built….so it is in the living room of the downstairs unit while we try to figure out a solution. I think we will need to hire a crane to lift it onto our back deck which has a wider doorway…TBD.

This morning I set up my desk in the attic and I love it up there! I get to face the windows overlooking the inter-coastal. Unfortunately when it rained we discovered that the windows are leaking into the attic, and then this evening I spotted a termite up there and another one in our bedroom. So….yeah….will be calling the exterminator. And we need to caulk around the windows. Brian will start building a couple of storage closets up there this week as well, which we desperately need.

Finally, we had a company come out to remove our driveway and carport in the backyard. They started by cutting it all into small squares. They are bringing a Bobcat tomorrow to remove it all and haul it away. Hooray! Then we can plant some grass and start building our fence (our permit was approved today)!



2 thoughts on “Days 17-20”

  1. Oh my goodness! Every day is a new challenge and adventure! Thinking of you guys and can’t wait to be near you guys to help!


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