Days 13-14

Progress feels good! Over the past couple of days we have finished prepping the floors in the bedrooms.  We sanded them, filled the cracks and holes with putty, stained, and applied 2 coats of Polyurethane. We stained until 11pm Monday evening.

On Tuesday Brian met with Ernesto, our new friend and handyman who is amazingly talented and fast! He helped turn our war-zone between the kitchen and LR into a presentable space 🙂 We are going to make a faux beam to cover the space between the two rooms.

We also applied 2 coats of Poly to the floors in the bedrooms and we met with an electrician who will be giving us a quote to re-wire the kitchen and install new exterior and interior electrical panels, and some other stuff. Our roof people submitted the permit to have roof straps installed which will hopefully keep our roof on during severe weather and it will greatly reduce our hazard insurance 🙂

We are finally going to have dinner at a normal hour and maybe get some sleep tonight 🙂


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