Day 12

We had an early start at the beach house this Sunday AM at 8 o’clock. I picked up some thermal curtains for the attic windows as it gets super hot up there! We also rolled up the yucky carpet in the attic and threw it out. Then our new planks for the attic ceiling were delivered by Lowe’s 🙂

Then I ran to Home Depot and got everything to refinish the floors in our bedrooms and hallway…..and we sanded all day….as in… it is 9:30PM and I just got home and Brian is still at the beach house using the edge sander. Holy wow, my feet are swollen! I used the drum sander while Brian used the edger, but then one of the receptacles started smoking and we thought maybe it was too much power for our old electrical system. So, we decided to only use one sander at a time. We rotated using the drum sander with 36 grit, then 60 grit, and finally 100 grit while we took turns letting out the dogs and eating. We need to return the sanders in the morning, so Brian is burning the midnight oil to get it done. He will begin staining tomorrow 🙂


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