Day 9

Well, I did not get over to the house today as I had a TON of grading and research to-do’s. But, Brian sent me pictures of his progress đŸ™‚

He started cleaning up the gazebo in the backyard which will become a tiki bar.

He also tore out the paneling in the attic so we can put up real cedar planks (and white wash them!). I LOVE this huge stain glass window!

And he started to replace some of the old worn out hardwood flooring, so we can start sanding and staining soon.


Today we also parted ways with the guy we have been considering as a potential general contractor. He is super nice and knowledgeable and has given us a lot of advice (plus he connected us with the engineer we are using for the building plans). But, he started acting as though he was our GC already when he has not shown us any scope of work or proposals or quotes and we have not ever told him that we are hiring him. He also knew we were getting multiple quotes and were waiting on his in order to decide if we would hire him or hire our own sub-contractors to get everything done. Yet, he would say things like ‘we are working against each other if I am getting quotes from my sub contractors and you are getting other quotes at the same time’… yeah dude, that is what you do when you are planning on major renovations! You get multiple opinions and multiple quotes….so he and Brian had a heart-to-heart today, and he decided to withdraw his efforts. I think that maybe he realized we want to be very hands-on and maybe we would be a major headache for him…not really sure what his reasoning was. We definitely wanted to get a quote from him….but he simply refused to show us numbers for anything and we are at the point where we need to start hiring people so we can apply for permits. Very strange.

Anyhow, we received the building plans for the fence and we will apply for a fence permit tomorrow (we are doing the fence ourselves)! We also hope to start refinishing the floors soon, and maybe painting the walls upstairs?


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