Days 5 and 6

We took it slow on Sunday as we noticed a Hollywood parking services person walking around the house on Saturday. We have a huge pile of debris in the backyard which is a bit visible from the side of the house and we are now VERY concerned we may get fined for not having a demolition permit. Ugh. We haven’t had any work done by anyone else, and we have not taken out anything structural, so we figured we were OK to not have a permit. Apparently not. Now we are worried an inspector will come by tomorrow and see what we have done.  The more work you have done, the more you get charged. So, we aren’t sure if we should do anything else.

This stinks for our timeline because we need to be completely moved out of our place by June 13th. We have also been told that we should not have the hardwoods refinished until after the kitchen has been re-wired and re-plumbed, and the door has been framed into a wall and the windows have been turned into sliding glass doors. A contractor told us it will be two months before we can realistically get the floors done. Soo…maybe we need a storage unit for all of our furniture…TBD. In the meantime, here is what we did on Sunday:

It is Monday now and we will be meeting with a cabinet installer from Cabinets to Go. They have a 35% off sale that ends tomorrow.

Later on Monday….

Oh man I am super excited about the kitchen design!!! Here are some 3D renderings. Keep in mind that the floors will be hardwood floors that match the living room, there will be a light turquise-ish backsplash, and the counters will be white granite (marbled with gray). We will have 2 bar-stools along the peninsula. The area on the right with build-ins will have an upholstered bench seat and a farmhouse table we are building, with bead board on the wall. The white space to the right of the refrigerator will be sliding glass doors onto the deck. Eeekk!! Cannot wait to see this live in maybe 6 weeks?? 🙂


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