We bought a 1936 beach house!

We did it! We sold our house and bought a 1936 beach bungalow in Hollywood Beach, FL! The main house (upstairs) has 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 1 bathroom, and a 3rd story partially finished attic (bonus room). The downstairs is a separate unit with living room, kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom. We have exactly 18 days  before we have to be moved in, and a LOT of work needs to be done! During our inspection period we made up a rough list of the renovations we would need and those we would want:

Must haves:

  1. New electrical panel and some new wiring
  2. Tear down wall between kitchen and living room in upstairs
  3. Fully renovate the upstairs kitchen
  4. Add hardwoods to kitchen and refinish hardwoods in living room and bedrooms in the upstairs
  5. Fully renovate the downstairs bathroom and sub-flooring which is badly rotted


  1. Re-do the back deck and add staircase
  2. Install a privacy fence in backyard
  3. Tear out old carport and driveway in backyard and sod it
  4. Renovate upstairs bathroom
  5. Open up ceiling between attic and living room and loft the attic (bonus room)
  6. Replace old windows and doors with hurricane impact windows and doors
  7. Install new garage door and automatic opener
  8. Repaint the exterior



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