Day 4

We made it to Saturday and I could spend the whole day with Brian working on the house! We met with a 2nd hardwood flooring person, a plumber, and a 3rd contractor. We realized that the new hardwood floors we are getting for the kitchen have to be acclimated in the house for 7 days before we can install them. So we went ahead and bought those from Lumber Liquidators and laid them out in the guest bedroom. Our first floor installation guy quoted the new flooring at $4/ sq ft. We called several other place with slightly lower prices, but none of them had the flooring in stock. So, we went with LL which was decently priced and had a Memorial Day sale. Brian pulled out the old sink which was HUGE!


We have to be out of our current house and moved into the new place by June 12th….in 15 days! We at the very least need to have the hardwood floors finished by then so we can move stuff into the bedrooms. The living room furniture can fit into the downstairs space temporarily while we work on the rest of the renovations.




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