Day 3

We started the day by meeting someone who we paid to deliver a dumpster to our backyard. Unfortunately, to get to our backyard we have to unlock a gate to the lot next door to us (owned by a condo association) and we discovered that they changed the lock on us so we can no longer access their lot. We knew that they were going to do this eventually, but we did not know it had been done the night before. Ugh. So the dumpster guy had to return the dumpster and we had to pay an extra $110. Later in the day we got the contact information of two condo owners with a key and hopefully they will meet us Wednesday to unlock it for the dumpster guy. This means we have the entire Memorial Day 3-day weekend to pile up more rubble in the backyard without a dumpster 😦

Our potential GE (still waiting on his quote) brought by a structural engineer who confirmed that the wall between the kitchen and living room is not load-bearing! Yay! Brian got to work ripping the rest of it out of there! We also discovered that the insulation in the attic may contain asbestos, so we took had a sample sent to the lab (we should find out in a few days). If this does have asbestos, this will cost a lot more to open up the ceiling and loft the attic space….TBD.

Meanwhile, we pulled up the old hardwoods which were irreparable. And Brian knocked out the rest of the wall!


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